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The Governing Body of Starbeck School

The Governors of Starbeck School believe passionately in the school’s mission statement that

learning should be a lifelong adventure where children and adults learn together to develop the skills needed to meet the challenges that they face in the years ahead.’

To achieve this Governors  hold the Headteacher and the Staff to account for the educational, emotional, social, moral, physical wellbeing, development and safety of all pupils.

The Headteacher of the school is responsible for the operational management of the school.

The role of the Governing Body provides strategic management.

Governors are key stakeholders in the school. They work hard and undertake their duties as carefully, honestly and conscientiously as they can.

The Governor role is a voluntary one. Governors as a whole make up one of the largest group of volunteers in the country.

Our Governors come from all ages, backgrounds, experiences and interests but they work as one collective body for the common good of pupils, staff and the community of Starbeck School.

The Governing Body has three core functions together with a range of duties and responsibilities.

Core Functions

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The Governing Body comprises of ten members and a Clerk to the Governors appointed by the local authority.

The Headteacher, Chair of Governors and the Vice Chair of Governors are key members of the Governing Body.

The Deputy Headteacher attends meetings and other staff  are invited to attend to update Governors on key aspects of their roles and work.

Other Governors are drawn from the following groups -

  • Parent Governors-are elected by the parents of pupils registered at the school and who are parents at the time of their election. The term ‘Parent’ includes a carer of a child.
  • We have two Parent Governors.
  • Staff Governor – elected by and from all staff paid to work at the school.
  • We have one staff Governor
  • Local Authority Governors
  • We have 1 Local Authority Governor
  • Co- opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Body to represent community interests.
  • We have four Co-opted Governors.
  • Associate Governor- appointed to bring specific experience and/ or expertise to the Governing Body.
  • We have one Associate Governor 

 Structure and remit of the governing body and any committees

 Whole School Priorities

  • To achieve improved outcomes and standards for children’s learning through clear and high expectations for all children, held by all staff.
  •  Use of an effective assessment and tracking system will inform all staff and leaders of next steps in learning for all children and groups of children, offering challenge at all levels and planning timely, targeted interventions to ensure that all children made good or better progress.
  • Ensure that funding targeted towards disadvantaged groups results in improved outcomes and expected progress for all children.
  •  To improve attendance for all groups of children to be in line with national averages, particularly disadvantaged groups.
  •  Develop the capacity and effectiveness of leaders at all levels , using accurate school self-evaluation to identify areas to develop for individual subjects and whole school aspects.

Governor Details

Types of Governor/category


Date Appointed

(all 4 years terms)


Current Link



Current Committee Membership

Co-opted (Chair)

Richard Walker



Safeguarding & Child Protection

Standards & Resources

LA (Vice-Chair)

Tim Redshaw




Resources (Chair)


Garry de Castro-Morland*





Standards & Resources


Alison Hill



Teaching, Learning & Assessment



Samantha Ramsey






Philip Broadbank






Sarah Rowntree*



Health & Safety









Mel Riley*



Pupil & Sports Premium              



Sarah Turner




Standards (Chair)


Sally Pitts*




Standards & Resources (no voting rights)

* These individuals are also members of staff

     The Governors of Starbeck School have no

      - business interests to declare

      - financial interests to declare

      - governance roles in other schools to declare


The work of the Governing Body is divided into 3 key areas.
  • Resources Committee (Finance, HR and Policy)
  • Standards Committee (School Improvement, Standards & Outcomes, Curriculum and Policy)
  • The Full Governing Body- the FGB meets at least 5/6  times per year .Meetings last about 2 hours

The other key groups meet at least 1 to 2 times per term

Each sub- committee reports its key findings and objectives for future work back to the Governing Body so that the FGB is kept up to date on all aspects of school governance.

Some Governors have specific roles, e.g. within SEND or Safeguarding and report back to FGB on their work.

Governors undertake training within both their specific roles and the wider educational landscape. All governors are encouraged to share their training knowledge with other Governors.

The content and expectation of Governance are changing constantly.  Governors at Starbeck School have worked hard this year to improve Governance in a variety of ways. We will continue to strive to enhance our work and stay true to our core purpose-

 ‘to hold the Headteacher and the Staff to account for the educational, emotional, social, moral ,physical wellbeing, development and safety of all pupils.’

The minutes from all governing body meetings are available, upon request, from the school office.